Arrow plans to expand its operations in Queensland’s Surat Basin with a major coal seam gas (CSG) exploration, development and production project.The proposed Surat Gas Project (SGP) will provide gas for both domestic and export markets. It covers an area from Wandoan to Dalby, and down to the south-west of Millmerran.

Infrastructure and wells

The SGP is expected to include about 6,500 CSG wells. The wells will supply CSG to one liquefied natural gas train on Curtis Island. Some of the gas may also go to existing domestic uses like electricity generation at the Daandine and Braemar 2 gas-fired power stations.

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The project will also include around 6,000km of gathering lines across the Surat Basin, to move both CSG and water from the wells to centralised gas processing and water treatment facilities.

Regulatory process

Arrow lodged a draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Surat Gas Project in December 2011. The project received its environmental approval from the Queensland Government on 25 October 2013 and from the Federal Government on 20 December 2013.

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