Executive Agent

Executive Agent (E.A.) services means senior executive candidates wishing to seek new opportunities domestically or internationally may engage Arrow to represent them for the purpose of seeking and approaching new opportunities in the market on their behalf.

From experience we understand that moving forward and seeking new opportunities is very time and resource dependent. Let Arrow manage, organise, pre-arrange and pre-qualify opportunities so you only have to deal with one Arrow representative. Time-efficient and productive communications so all you have to do is conduct the ‘meet and greet’. We will do all the work up front.

E.A services are strictly confidential and our approach to the market is formalised as such. Executives can be confident regarding our approach to the market whilst seeking new opportunities on their behalf.

An Executive Agent allows for peace of mind from senior executives that their executive search is being managed professionally and confidentially.

An Executive agent is an exclusive arrangement with no cost to the candidate with starting salary bases from $150,000 base salary per annum.

Please contact us for a free consult on how we may be able to help grow your future.