Contract Staff

We offer multiple solutions when supplying contract staff at all levels. Our minimum placement for contractor labour supply is five (5) days. We do not supply staff for less than five (5) day assignments. This supports our commitment to recruit quality people. We are not traditional labour hire.

We supply a range of labour from semi-skilled people to senior managers, contract teams to project management teams working internally or externally depending on the project.

Whether you require a complete oil & gas crew or construction crew staged across the life-cycle of the project, our mindset is to deliver a solution to meet your needs and budget.

Some of the core areas of recruitment are:

Project Managers

Construction Crews

Oil & Gas Crews


Office Personnel

WHS Managers


Executive Managers

Construction Labourers

Maintenance Crews

Manufacturing Personnel

Brick & Block Crews



Operational Managers

Trades personnel

Supervisors & Leading Hands

Contract Administrators

Steel Workers

Concrete Crews

Labouring Crews, etc.