Our Markets

We work across most industries but specialise in key areas of Oil & Gas, Energy and Building & Construction including civil works, commercial construction, manufacturing, and residential building.

In addition, we offer key executive services across these sectors focused on core management and leadership personnel from CEO level placements to senior operational managers working corporately or in the field.

Contract Staff

We offer multiple solutions when supplying contract staff at all levels. Our minimum placement for contractor labour supply is five (5) days. We do not supply staff for less than five (5) day assignments. This supports our commitment to recruit quality people. We are not traditional labour hire.

We supply a range of labour from semi-skilled people to senior managers, contract teams to project management teams working internally or externally depending on the project.

Whether you require a complete oil & gas crew or construction crew staged across the life-cycle of the project, our mindset is to deliver a solution to meet your needs and budget.

Some of the core areas of recruitment are:

Project Managers

Construction Crews

Oil & Gas Crews


Office Personnel

WHS Managers


Executive Managers

Construction Labourers

Maintenance Crews

Manufacturing Personnel

Brick & Block Crews



Operational Managers

Trades personnel

Supervisors & Leading Hands

Contract Administrators

Steel Workers

Concrete Crews

Labouring Crews, etc.

Permanent Staff

Our permanent staff recruitment services are supported with a 3-month replacement guarantee. Any candidate placed by Arrow that does not meet the requirements of the role within three (3) months from their commencement date will ultimately be replaced at no cost to you, the client.

This guarantee is unlimited for up to a period of three (3) months.

Executive positions exceeding $150,000 + (base salary) will attract a six (6) month guarantee period.

Permanent staff can be sourced internationally, and visa management is supervised by Arrow through one of our Visa Management agents. Arrow can assist or manage the process for you.

National and international advertising campaigns are engaged under negotiation.

Please contact us for a free consult on how we may be able to help grow your business through quality people.

Executive Agent

Executive Agent (E.A.) services means senior executive candidates wishing to seek new opportunities domestically or internationally may engage Arrow to represent them for the purpose of seeking and approaching new opportunities in the market on their behalf.

From experience we understand that moving forward and seeking new opportunities is very time and resource dependent. Let Arrow manage, organise, pre-arrange and pre-qualify opportunities so you only have to deal with one Arrow representative. Time-efficient and productive communications so all you have to do is conduct the ‘meet and greet’. We will do all the work up front.

E.A services are strictly confidential and our approach to the market is formalised as such. Executives can be confident regarding our approach to the market whilst seeking new opportunities on their behalf.

An Executive Agent allows for peace of mind from senior executives that their executive search is being managed professionally and confidentially.

An Executive agent is an exclusive arrangement with no cost to the candidate with starting salary bases from $150,000 base salary per annum.

Please contact us for a free consult on how we may be able to help grow your future.

International Services

Arrow have access to international databases of available candidates at all levels of the industry spectrum. Executives, managers, volume labour, trades and services, etc.

With offices in Dubai and India, Arrow have reach into Middle East regions, current business in Africa, New Zealand, Philippines and nationally across India. In addition, Arrow have in place commercial partnerships extending services to the USA, Ireland, Scotland, and the UK.

Visa management is supervised by Arrow immigration agents under referral.

If you are having issues finding skilled and reliable domestic skills, please contact us for a free consult on how we may be able to help.

Training & Qualifications

Arrow have a commercial partnership with a reputable Registered Training Organisation allowing access for Arrow candidates to upskill and gain the required accredited qualifications in the areas of business, management, oil & gas, well servicing operations, project management, leadership, work health & safety, building and construction and more.

All Arrow candidates have access to exclusive discounts only offered to Arrow candidates. Speak to your Arrow consultant to enquire.

All qualifications are nationally accredited and recognised by government, Australian Quality Skills Authority and the Department of Education and Training (DET).

State and federal funding may be available to eligible candidates.

Online, Onsite, RPL and blended learning programs are available depending on your situation.

Please contact us for a free consult on how we may be able to help grow your future through quality training and education.

Start-Up Enterprise

If you are a start-up business in your first year of trade, we are happy to negotiate and deliver financial concessions for all recruitment services set out above. Why, because we know how hard it can be during that start-up phase to find good people at a cost sustainable to the business. And, we think start-ups are a critical contributor to the economy and creating jobs, so this is something we are passionate about. Especially during that first year where spare cash for recruitment is tough and good recruitment is critical.

We are supporters of start-up enterprise and if we can help, we will. Part of our culture is to ensure that as a business we install elements of contribution to influence our industry positively. And we were all start-up business at some point, we get it.

Please feel free to drop us a line and ask if we can help.